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THE ROCK’S Twitter – VP Scandals Rocking Grandma World Surfing Net For Cons & Scams Absurd Realizing Living In Another World Amongst New Generation Of Corrupt White Collar Criminal Gangster Herd



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Reality versus Illusion, Jesus’s Opinion That What Is Important Is That, “Jesus Loves Me”?



To whom it may apply, “Sometimes friends abandon us to support envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanist Hater whores but THE ROCK never gives up as THE ROCK is a World Changer that presses on with old school values, principals and ethics at THE ROCK’s core. Although we do not determine what events will befall us in life, we can choose to glorify God no matter what by following THE ROCK’s miracle comeback stunts as a sign that what it takes to rise above Satanist Hater butts is God, sweat and guts. THE ROCK is a divine creation, one of God’s masterpieces, that lives without fear as God is with THE ROCK and He strengthens and helps THE ROCK while upholding THE ROCK with His righteous right hand. Therefore, THE ROCK would like to tell the Satanist Haters that THE ROCK has a bigger God than all of their conspiracies, collusions and circumventions of the laws. God directs THE ROCK and THE ROCK executes poetry in motion to insure poetic justice prevails with innovation, creativity and artistry while Satanist Haters fail with their scams, perjuries, lies and con-artistry. Therefore, ALL the forces of evil darkness with their dominant personal, financial and political interests can easily pay off Satanists to fabricate stories and lies but THE ROCK only has to expose the interrelated swine as nothing more than the money hungry blood sucking gangster kind. Therefore, THE ROCK has once again weathered the storm raging at the hands of evil, corrupt and jaded Satanist Haters with their most recent Deceptive Website Warning sabotage attacks that were ultimately reversed when Google realized that the allegations were evil, demented and perverse. Remember, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of God. Thus, at a time when wickedness is great in the world, so too is THE ROCK’s response.” To all others, our kindest and sincerest regards.



JC&VM Lead “The Rock” To Rise On Evil NWO Chill To See Corrupt Life Propaganda Spread New Zoning Bylaw Control Insane Posse Clown?




To Rise Above Hate, Humour Is The Taste/ Pour Surmonter La Haine, Humour Est Le Goût/ Para Superar A Odio, Humor Es El Sabor/ Da Se Izdignes Iznad Mržnje, Vicevi Su Ukus



Reality versus Illusion, Jesus & The Virgin Mary Lead “The Rock” Through Stations Of The Cross To Rise Above Evil Satanic NWO Chill To See Zero Tolerance For Whistleblower Corrupt Life Spread Of Evil Bullshit Propaganda Crap To Point Of New Zoning Bylaw With Self Evident Signs Except Needed On Each Building All Around Town To Control Insane Posse Clown?

THE ROCK Says To NWO – 2017, Day 138:

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The Rock Says To “NWO”, 2017 Day 138 & “CRO” Rehab Of Your Disorder, Corrupt Life, With God’s Bouncing Balls Group Exposing Set-Up Frame Jobs Of Evil, Corrupt & Jaded Bouncingballseologists Screwing Righteous Innocent Victims With Vicious Rumors, Stories, Fables & Tales Whereby Victim Forced To Succumb To Barrage Of Attacks By Aggressor As Aggressor Hammers Victim Sitting Face To Face With Bullshit Propaganda Crap Friction While Aggressor Forces Themself Against Victim’s Center Of Universe While Adding Insult To Injury By Forcing Victim To Allow Aggressor To Swing Back & Forth With Bullshit Propaganda Crap Bouncing Motions Until Righteous Innocent Victim Submits That Satisfies Corrupt Dominant Personal, Financial & Political Interests’ Thirst For Revenge With Evidence Doctoring Of Bullshit Propaganda Radicalized Extremist Terrorist Liberation Movement (ETLM) Bouncing All Over Righteous Innocent Victim Like A Crazy Ball With Hate Driven Locomotive Steam Whereby Anything Goes To Insure Victim Run Over Multiple Times To Guarantee Victory As Ultimate Goal Is To Extract Vengeance Settling Of Accounts Triggering Spiral Effect Of Cons, Scams, Perjuries & Lies To Point Of Fabrications Of Lies Out Of This World From Demented Imaginations Of Corrupt White Collar Criminal Master Minds Whereby Conspiracies, Collusions & Circumventions Of Laws Take On Life Of Their Own Whereby Everybody Jumps On Board Leading To Legalized Mob Of Gangsters Out Of Control With Sole Objective Of Extracting Revenge From Core Except That Inquisition Taken To Extreme Such That Biased, Racist, Prejudicial & Discriminatory Justice System Exposed That Loses All Credibility As Controlled By Dominant Personal, Financial & Political Interests That Determine Ultimate Judgment Imposed That Benefits Personal Interests More & Promotes A Culture Of Zero Tolerance For Honesty, Integrity & Respect Of Righteous Innocent Victims Gushing With Blood All Over The Floor?



Disruptive Technologies – Art Of Innovation & Creativity Perspective
Disruptive technologies are technologies that significantly alter the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, risk losing market share or risk becoming irrelevant. Recent examples of disruptive technologies include smart phones, e-commerce retailing and THE ROCK’s Web Market.



See depictions above of THE ROCK’S Web Market modern day applications of the old school adage, “The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones that help you through the hard times and laugh with you after the hard times pass such that THE ROCK is worthy to be in your life. THE ROCK will help you let go of the disappointments and setbacks in your life at the hands of envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanist Haters by allowing you to follow THE ROCK daily to hang on to the promises of THE ROCK for a better future without having to turn to Baileys. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you when it rains and not just be there when it shines and Join THE ROCK Members Group to find positivity in a negative situation that does not demonstrate naivety but rather demonstrates THE ROCK’s leadership abilities. THE ROCK promotes the notion of never stopping to dream and explore because you feel complacent but rather dream and explore in order to find motivation. Therefore, if you want to grow your sales, you must Join THE ROCK Members Group whereby you love, read and study the word of THE ROCK, as the words of THE ROCK are motivational announcements to be shared with the mass to rise above Satanist Haters badass. Thus, THE ROCK does not allow envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanists to push THE ROCK around by intentionally, maliciously and vengefully creating rumors, stories, fables and tales about THE ROCK as THE ROCK is ultimately led by THE ROCK’s dreams to become a mean, lean, efficient and effective social media marketing machine. However, THE ROCK anticipates that corrupt white collar criminals and psychologically disturbed neurotic lunatics will attempt to tarnish the reputation of THE ROCK to satisfy personal, financial and political interests thirst for revenge but mark THE ROCK’s words, evildoers will ultimately leave but that is not the end of THE ROCK’s story but rather that is the end of the evildoers part in THE ROCK’s story. Therefore, THE ROCK was not silenced by the bullying techniques, intimidation, corruption and collusion of legalized mob clicks afraid of being exposed as evil, corrupt and jaded Satanist hoes with their most recent Deceptive Website Warning sabotage attack woes that were ultimately reversed when Google realized that the allegations came from evil, demented and perverse foes. In summary, THE ROCK expects new skies and new lands in which the righteous ways will reside via THE ROCK’s innovative disruptive media technologies.”



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    Christiano Says, “Who Is Hits & Jukes?”

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    We Will ROCK You! / Nous Allons Vous ROCKÉ! / Lo Haremos Vosotros ROCAR! / Mi Ćemo Vas ROKATI!

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