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“The Rock” Theme Song / Le Thème Chanson « Du Rock » / El Tema Canción « Del Rock » / Tema Pjesma « Od Rock »



Disruptive Technologies – Art Of Innovation & Creativity Perspective
Disruptive technologies are technologies that significantly alter the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, risk losing market share or risk becoming irrelevant. Recent examples of disruptive technologies include smart phones, e-commerce retailing and THE ROCK’s Web Market.



Reality versus Illusion, Jesus’s Opinion That What Is Important Is That, “Jesus Loves Me”?



To whom it may apply, “THE ROCK’s Web Market was created to bring God the glory from the exposure of evil, corrupt and jaded Satanist Hater master baiters hiding behind their two face hypocrite veils. THE ROCK will teach everyone how to once again have faith which is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see by teaching the modern day societies that God is not very impressed with this New World Order (NWO) whereby it is now acceptable to play the game of CASH MANIPULATION DASH whereby the dominant personal, financial and political interests manipulate any and all underlying facts and circumstances in order to achieve their desired results by respecting legality although manipulation can be seen as a form of white collar criminality. That is, under the new rules of the game of the NWO, the TRUTH is irrelevant as when the exclusive goal is to achieve desired results that translate into some sort of a WIN, there is no such thing as values, morals, principals and ethics as it is encouraged and rewarded to SIN. However, when everyone starts to play the game of CASH MANIPULATION DASH, all TRUTH is lost in the shuffle except for the fact that the dominant personal, financial and political interests must always prevail and some righteous innocent victim like Jesus must ultimately get nailed. Conversely, THE ROCK believes in nailing evil, corrupt and jaded asses who set Evil, Unethical, Immoral, Self-Centered, Egotistical, Barbarian, Neanderthal, Narcissistic, Masochistic, Sadistic, Idiosyncratic, Sociopathic and/ or Psychopathic tones in the top brasses. Therefore, turn up the voice of God and THE ROCK in your life by visiting THE ROCK’s Web Market daily so that you cannot even hear the whisper of the wicked Satanist Hater master baiters. Remember, if you want to stay on track with God and keep a good attitude, you have to make communication with Him a daily priority such that THE ROCK’s Web Market serves as a perfect median for a busy world lost in the NWO absurd. Remember, God has not given us the spirit of fear but rather of power, love and of sound mind to rise above the envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanist Hater master baiters. Thus, follow THE ROCK daily as THE ROCK shares the time he has spent with God listening to His voice to renew your strength and to enable you to handle life one day at a time. Although THE ROCK suffered immensely at the hands of Satanist Haters, the destructive intentionally inflicted agony, pain and strife were channeled constructively by THE ROCK to give birth to THE ROCK’s Web Market as a symbol of victory over legalized mob gangster tyranny in distinct corrupt societies. Therefore, THE ROCK still smiles as THE ROCK knows that things will work themselves out as when God is directing the orchestra, a beautiful concerto will emerge with a Satanist Haters purge. Remember, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of God. Thus, at a time when wickedness is great in the world, so too is THE ROCK’s response.” To all others, our kindest and sincerest regards.



Reality versus Illusion, Jesus & The Virgin Mary Lead “The Rock” Through Stations Of The Cross To Rise Above Evil Satanic NWO Chill To See Zero Tolerance For Whistleblower Corrupt Life Extremist Terrorist Liberation Movement (ETLM) Money Hungry As Can Be Unable To Satisfy Insatiable Lust For Luxuries To Point Of Envy, Jealousy & Greed Obesity With Latest Fads & Trends Deemed Necessities To Point That Over Grown Ego Of Melancholy When Unable To Function Normally As Diagnosed With Psychopathy?



To Rise Above Hate, Humor Is The Taste/ Pour Surmonter La Haine, Humour Est Le Goût/ Para Superar A Odio, Humor Es El Sabor/ Da Se Izdignes Iznad Mržnje, Vicevi Su Ukus



The Rock Says To “NWO”, 2017 Day 319 & “CRO” Rehab Of Your Disorder, Corrupt Life, With God’s Hungry Heart Group Exposing Set-Up Frame Jobs Of Evil, Corrupt & Jaded Hungryhearteologists Screwing Righteous Innocent Victims With Vicious Rumors, Stories, Fables & Tales Whereby Victim Forced To Succumb To Barrage Of Attacks By Aggressor With Kneel & Squeal Motions Upon Innocent Victim To Point Of Submission From Kneeling, Squealing & Feeling Position As Aggressor Forces Themself Against Victim’s Center Of Universe While Adding Insult To Injury By Forcing Victim To Support Aggressor By Kneeling On All Fours With Back Arched Upward Angularly For Pounding Attack Full Of Bullshit Propaganda Crap Until Righteous Innocent Victim Submits That Satisfies Corrupt Dominant Personal, Financial & Political Interests’ Thirst For Revenge With Evidence Doctoring Of Bullshit Propaganda Radicalized Extremist Terrorist Liberation Movement (ETLM) Money Hungry As Can Be With No Sense Of Honesty, Respect Or Integrity With Sole Focus On Quick Rise To Top Seats Slaughtering All In Path With Debauchery With Focus On Polar Opposite Righteous Innocent Victims Crucifixion With Viscous & Malicious Gossip, Rumours & Fictitious Allegations Resorting To Ethnic & Racial Divisions To Fuel & Propagate Fire Of Attrition Whereby Strength In Numbers Dictates That Solidarity Ultimately Has Power & Control To Steer Inquisition In Favour Of Those Preserved, Promoted & Protected By Mass Regardless Of Underlying Evil, Corrupt & Jaded Ass To Point That Civil War Breaks Loose As Everybody Focuses On Their Respective Prodigies Caboose By Hanging Their Opposition In A Tight Noose For Heat To Conclude That Entire Distinct Corrupt Societies Need Psychiatric Therapy As Protection From Themselves As Threat Comes From Within Hate Induced Poisoned States Of White Collar Criminal Minds Operating Under Principals Of Legalized Mob Gangster Kind?

THE ROCK Says To NWO – 2017, Day 319:

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See depictions above of THE ROCK’S Web Market modern day applications of the old school adage, “THE ROCK believes that it is important to beat the dominant personal, financial and political interests at their own game by exposing the web of corruption, conspiracies, collusions and circumventions of laws. Therefore, THE ROCK’s Web Market voices THE ROCK’s opinion that the new rules of the game of the New World Order (NWO) are unacceptable whereby it is encouraged to promote the values, morals, principals and ethics of the CASH MANIPULATION DASH whereby all TRUTH is lost in the shuffle except for the fact that the dominant personal, financial and political interests must always prevail and some righteous innocent victim like Jesus must ultimately get nailed. Thus, the direct by-product of the CASH MANIPULATION DASH is that everybody now twists, turns and manipulates all of the underlying facts and circumstances in favor of their personal, financial and political interests in order to create four TRUTHS. That is, the first TRUTH is one biased opinion, the second TRUTH is the oppositions biased opinion, the third TRUTH is the actual TRUTH that nobody cares about and finally there is the negotiated TRUTH created by judges, lawyers, arbitrators, police officers and other types of mediators that appeases all parties but satisfies nobody as this seems to be the only solution to prevent mass cases of insanities. Conversely, THE ROCK believes that THE ROCK’s Web Market is THE ROCK and the foundation of truth to all those that believe but a stone of stumbling to those who reject THE ROCK as whatever Satan would say against THE ROCK so too will be manifested through hosts who welcome Satan into their hearts and souls such that everybody has the freedom of choice. However, THE ROCK encourages all to choose wisely to insure one goes to heaven as opposed to hell as THE ROCK would like to have the matter settled that there can be no misery greater than living life wondering if some day you will lift up your eyes in hell so that you choose to accept THE ROCK’s beautiful truth today that it’s still not too late to save yourself from hell if you only choose to follow THE ROCK’s righteousness ways. Thus, have no fear when THE ROCK is near as when the justice system fails, THE ROCK will prevail and for the evil, corrupt and jaded blood money profiteers, it is normal that THE ROCK’s Web Market they will fear as they hold the preservation of their superficial reputations so dear. Thus, THE ROCK will attempt to undo the brainwashing damage inflicted upon innocent minds trapped in a mental asylum of the New World Order (NWO) of the heinous, repugnant, vial and nasty kind who by the simple word of God are traumatized. Hence, THE ROCK rudely awakens brain dead zombies in hate induced coma states of poisoned minds to realize that those living the life of evil, corrupt and jaded bastards and whores are in desperate need of a divine intervention to cleanse their poisoned minds, hearts and souls. Thus, THE ROCK will not be silenced by the dominant personal, financial and political interests who attempted to destroy THE ROCK’s life, career and livelihood for blowing the whistle on distinct corrupt societies of legalized mob gangsters. However, perspective is always in the eye of the beholder such that although THE ROCK always has good intentions, THE ROCK cannot be held accountable for others corrupted misperceptions, misinterpretations and deviations. Given that daily an average of more than 10,000 followers of THE ROCK recognize the intrinsic value of THE ROCK’s Web Market to motivate, to stimulate and to provide a constructive rehabilitative escape, THE ROCK cannot be held accountable for any minority deviations who perceive corrupted, demented and disturbing absurdities. Therefore, if you want to grow your sales, you must Join THE ROCK Members Group whereby you love, read and study the word of THE ROCK, as the words of THE ROCK are motivational announcements to be shared with the mass to rise above Satanist Haters badass. For THE ROCK’s followers, learn to trust the journey even when you do not understand it, as life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here, choose to ROCK. In summary, THE ROCK expects new skies and new lands in which the righteous ways will reside via THE ROCK’s innovative disruptive media technologies.”



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    Christiano Says, “Who Is Fallin?”

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    We Will ROCK You! / Nous Allons Vous ROCKÉ! / Lo Haremos Vosotros ROCAR! / Mi Ćemo Vas ROKATI!

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