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Disruptive Technologies – Art Of Innovation & Creativity Perspective
Disruptive technologies are technologies that significantly alter the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business, risk losing market share or risk becoming irrelevant. Recent examples of disruptive technologies include smart phones, e-commerce retailing and THE ROCK’s Web Market.



Reality versus Illusion, Jesus’s Opinion That What Is Important Is That, “Jesus Loves Me”?



To whom it may apply, “The Bible promises that if we want to be world changers, we will face persecution such that THE ROCK is not surprised at the barrage of attacks from the hands of envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanist Haters. However, God gives THE ROCK what THE ROCK needs when THE ROCK needs it to survive such that although God’s assistance may not necessarily be provided before the Satanist Haters attacks, God always guides THE ROCK just in time to bypass tsunami tidal wave repercussions from the path of the Satanist Haters wrath of destruction. Thus, when God asks THE ROCK to jump, THE ROCK never complains but only asks how high to rise above the Satanist Haters swine. THE ROCK’s longest relationship is with God who has been by THE ROCK’s side through thick and thin to insure that the Satanist Haters can conspire, collude and plot to their hearts content but they cannot ever get THE ROCK pinned due to divine interventions. Every word of God is flawless such that He is a shield to THE ROCK who takes refuge in Him as THE ROCK believes unconditionally in His power to rain on the Satanist Haters parade with divine showers providing a relief for every sorrow and a plan for every tomorrow. Therefore, THE ROCK still smiles as THE ROCK knows that things will work themselves out as when God is directing the orchestra, a beautiful concerto will emerge with a Satanist Haters purge. Thus, the evildoers are commencing to shiver and shake as their dominant personal, financial and political interests cannot diminish God’s glory with THE ROCK’s imminent rise although they wasted considerable time and resources plotting THE ROCK’s demise. Therefore, THE ROCK has once again weathered the storm raging at the hands of evil, corrupt and jaded Satanists with their most recent Deceptive Website Warning sabotage attacks that were ultimately reversed when Google realized that the allegations were evil, demented and perverse. Remember, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of God. Thus, at a time when wickedness is great in the world, so too is THE ROCK’s response.” To all others, our kindest and sincerest regards.



Reality versus Illusion, Jesus & The Virgin Mary Lead “The Rock” Through Stations Of The Cross To Rise Above Evil Satanic NWO Chill To See Zero Tolerance For Whistleblower Corrupt Life Kung Fu Gang Hammer Mode Of Corrupt Hidden Agenda Nodes Financed By Legalized Mob Bank Codes With Unlimited Resources To Squeeze Blood Loads To Insure Fictitious Set-Up Frame Jobs Hold?



To Rise Above Hate, Humor Is The Taste/ Pour Surmonter La Haine, Humour Est Le Goût/ Para Superar A Odio, Humor Es El Sabor/ Da Se Izdignes Iznad Mržnje, Vicevi Su Ukus




The Rock Says To “NWO”, 2017 Day 137 & “CRO” Rehab Of Your Disorder, Corrupt Life, With God’s Raise The Roof Group Exposing Set-Up Frame Jobs Of Evil, Corrupt & Jaded Raisetheroofeologists Screwing Righteous Innocent Victims With Vicious Rumors, Stories, Fables & Tales Whereby Victim Forced To Succumb To Barrage Of Attacks By Aggressor As Aggressor Hammers Victim Lying Flat On Back From Underneath Bullshit Propaganda Crap Cushion While Aggressor Forces Themself Against Victim’s Center Of Universe While Adding Insult To Injury By Forcing Victim To Allow Aggressor To Grind With Bullshit Propaganda Crap Ping Pong Motions Until Righteous Innocent Victim Submits That Satisfies Corrupt Dominant Personal, Financial & Political Interests’ Thirst For Revenge With Evidence Doctoring Of Bullshit Propaganda Radicalized Extremist Terrorist Liberation Movement (ETLM) Raising The Roof With Unlimited Resources Set Aside To Insure Successful Ruse As Political Assassin Flown In On Broomstick Like A Witch With Big Bounty Linked To Successful Hit Such That Vengeance Fueled Tirade Burning With Hundred Dollar Bills Such That No Holds Barred Settling Of Accounts Barrage Of Crippling Low Blows Unleashed As On Power Trip Of Untouchable Big Shot Above The Law Executioner Bitch Except Roof Blown Off With Magnitude Of Cons, Scams, Perjuries & Lies Bullshit Such That Naked Truth Exposed That All Conspiracies, Collusions & Circumventions Of Laws By Corrupt White Collar Criminal Idiots Looking For Cold Hearted Vengeance?

THE ROCK Says To NWO – 2017, Day 137:

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See depictions above of THE ROCK’S Web Market modern day applications of the old school adage, “By wisdom THE ROCK’s Web Market was built and through understanding it was established that envious, jealous, greedy, ferocious, viscous and malicious Satanist Haters will never be able to devour. Your thoughts become your words and your attitude because where the mind goes, the human follows so follow THE ROCK to rise above Satanist Haters and their conspiracies, collusions and plots of legalized mob gangster master baiters. Thus, when your heart is overwhelmed, come to THE ROCK that is higher than you to get an eagle’s eye view of the carnage and destruction at the hands of Satanist Haters crews. There still is some good in this world that is worth fighting for so Join THE ROCK Members Group today be a part of that which you desire to create but are unable to do so on your own as you do not have the necessary resources standalone. Therefore, if you want to grow your sales, you must Join THE ROCK Members Group whereby you love, read and study the word of THE ROCK, as the words of THE ROCK are motivational announcements to be shared with the mass to rise above Satanist Haters badass. THE ROCK exposes the naked truth that is always better than someone’s best dressed lies to help you overcome your fear of the past without affecting your outlook of the future to live for what tomorrow has to bring and not what yesterday has taken away. Although THE ROCK had to reorient his career as corrupt dominant personal, financial and political interests intentionally held THE ROCK back, these same interests will not destroy THE ROCK’s Web Market as they attempted to destroy THE ROCK. For THE ROCK’s followers, learn to trust the journey even when you do not understand it, as life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here, choose to ROCK. Therefore, THE ROCK was not silenced by the bullying techniques, intimidation, corruption and collusion of legalized mob clicks afraid of being exposed as evil, corrupt and jaded Satanist hoes with their most recent Deceptive Website Warning sabotage attack woes that were ultimately reversed when Google realized that the allegations came from evil, demented and perverse foes. In summary, THE ROCK expects new skies and new lands in which the righteous ways will reside via THE ROCK’s innovative disruptive media technologies.”



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    Christiano Says, “Who Is Livin’ On A Prayer?”

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    We Will ROCK You! / Nous Allons Vous ROCKÉ! / Lo Haremos Vosotros ROCAR! / Mi Ćemo Vas ROKATI!

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