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Upravljanje Promjenama Osnovne Bazične Glavne Važne Stvare “Gangnam THE ROCK Stil” – Dio 69


Christiano će tijekom vremena naučiti da tijekom razdoblja promjene organizacije trebaju promicati uvjerenje da Hiperbole su naj bolje ilustracije da sindrom od «Samoizazvane Lude Paranoide (SLP)» zahtijeve zdrave, duhovne i molitvene ispunjene živote tako da svatko može kontrolirati svoje demone unutrašnje.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to identify individuals contaminated with “Self-Induced Demented Paranoid (SDP) Syndrome” as a by product of significant change.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that during periods of change, the greatest risk to successful change is posed by contamination of the mass with “Self-Induced Demented Paranoid (SDP) Syndrome” as opposed to a “Healthy Spiritual Prayer (HSP) Syndrome”.

In this New World Order (NWO) where there are persistent changes, be it through mergers and acquisitions or restructurings and reorganizations, the only constant which is assured over time is that of change. In order to be able to compete in this New World Order (NWO), there is one of two generic techniques.

The first technique which I refer to as “Self-Induced Demented Paranoid (SDP) Syndrome” is predicated on the notion when one feels threatened, in either fact or appearance, of losing their job, their home, their family, their wealth or any other “Raison D’Être”, one’s innate savage survival instincts tend to kick in, whereby one commences to create a self-induced demented event in their minds due to paranoia kicking in which everyone refuses to acknowledge as though it is some sort of evil sin.

The realities of the modern day world are that there are more and more individuals in today’s workplace who have experienced various physical, mental and emotional issues during the course of their life that form an integral part of their psychological make-up.

During periods of significant change when a “Change Leader” rattles their status quo cage, individuals can become like wild animals that go haywire triggering a whole slew of psychological reactions beyond the realm of standard Human Resource management issues.

For example, if someone was previously physically, mentally and/ or emotionally scarred, these emotions can trigger a self-induced demented paranoid observation that the “Change Leader” is performing some kind of dirty deed behind the scenes, which brings back buried memories of a traumatized past, resulting in abnormal, illogical, irrational and absurd behaviours.

This tends to be like years of pent-up frustration exploding to the surface like a rocket blast without anyone understanding what actually happened as it occurred way to fast. Further to this example, when others in the environment see this “rocket blast”, it tends to trigger multiple secondary blasts whereby everyone starts to become paranoid triggering further self-induced dementia galore.

As is evident from my Hyperboles above, this type of approach is destructive, counterproductive and chaotic by its nature. For the record, Hyperbole is defined as the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. Hyperboles may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create strong impressions but they are not meant to be taken literally.

Now I would like to focus on the second technique which I refer to as “Healthy Spiritual Prayer (HSP) Syndrome” whereby if one commences acting abnormally, illogically, irrationally and/ or absurdly, one goes back to the simple root of a healthy, spiritual and prayer filled life so that one may control their respective Demons inside.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that Hyperboles best illustrate that “Self-Induced Demented Paranoid (SDP) Syndrome” requires a healthy, spiritual and prayer filled life so that one may control their respective Demons inside.


Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Self-Induced Demented Paranoid (SDP) Syndrome?”