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Upravljanje Promjenama Osnovne Bazične Glavne Važne Stvare “Gangnam THE ROCK Stil” – Dio 53



Christiano će tijekom vremena naučiti da tijekom razdoblja promjene organizacije trebaju promicati uvjerenje da Hiperbole su naj bolje ilustracije od potrebe za uzimajući krivnju i izbjegavanje igru od prsta pokazujući osim kada postoju zle namjere kada iskrene greške su doista lažne.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to identify individuals contaminated with “Finger Pointing Everyone But Me” as a by product of significant change.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that during periods of change, the greatest risk to successful change is posed by contamination of the mass with “Finger Pointing At Everyone But Me” as opposed to “Taking Responsibility For My Deeds”.

In this New World Order where there are persistent changes, be it through mergers and acquisitions or restructurings and reorganizations, the only constant which is assured over time is that of change. In order to be able to compete in this New World Order, there is one of two generic techniques.

The first technique that I refer to as “Finger Pointing Everyone But Me” is predicated on the notion that one should never take any responsibility for one’s actions when the outcome is negative.

The greatest risk posed by such a technique is that it infests an entire organization with “Finger Pointing Everyone But Me” whereby everybody starts pointing fingers at everyone else to the point that a witch-hunt transpires.

In extreme cases, this can result in a game of musical chairs whereby everyone is running around in circles, like chickens without a head, pointing fingers at each other and laying the blame, so that one can only be found responsible if there is no chair left because speaking the truth is irrelevant to the deaf.

Alternatively, in extreme cases, an environment of “Murder Ball” may transpire whereby the objective is to throw the ball at your competitions head before he or she can touch the wall to be safe from taking blame from “Finger Pointing Everyone But Me” whose objective is to win the game and randomly lay the blame.

As is evident from my Hyperbole above, this type of approach is destructive, counterproductive and chaotic by its nature. For the record, Hyperbole is defined as the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. Hyperboles may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression but they are not meant to be taken literally.

Now I would like to focus on the second technique which I refer to as “Taking Responsibility For My Deeds” which is predicated on the notion that if one committed an honest mistake, then there would be no “Finger Pointing At Everyone But Me” because one would take full responsibility for one’s actions and the soap opera would quickly end.

Although this might sound simple in theory, this has become quite complicated in practice as everyone desires to preserve their respective reputation and sanctity such that they prefer to deny any and all responsibility before ever accepting any blame and hence the finger pointing game.

Ironically, a person should be respected more for taking blame and avoiding the finger pointing game when there was an honest mistake except when there are evil intentions then the honest mistake is really a fake.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that Hyperboles best illustrate the need for taking blame and avoiding the finger pointing game except when there are evil intentions then the honest mistake is really a fake.



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