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Upravljanje Promjenama Osnovne Bazične Glavne Važne Stvare “Gangnam THE ROCK Stil” – Dio 4


Christiano će s vremenom naučiti da su vrijednosti, morale, principe i etika u razdobljima promjene kritične zajedno s jednostavnim principom «Tri štrajka i ti si van kao vjerojatnost da tri poštene pogreške su nevjerojatne.»

In my opinion, many organizations fail to clearly communicate to their employees that unethical or immoral behaviour will not be tolerated during periods of change.

It is important for organizations to clearly communicate to their employees that no form of sabotage or intentional resistance will be tolerated during the proposed implementation of change that was approved by top management as part of their strategic management review process.

Furthermore, any and all instances of sabotage or intentional resistance, whether in fact or appearance will be formally documented in the responsible employees’ files and will be formally resolved. That is, the reprimand will be in line with the negative employee actions in the spirit of fairness, equality and one justice for all.

In simple English, the rule of thumb should have its roots in baseball under the old adage of, “Three strikes and your out”, in the event an employee makes an honest mistake twice, since the probability of three honest mistakes is unlikely.


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