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Upravljanje Promjenama Osnovne Bazične Glavne Važne Stvare “Gangnam THE ROCK Stil” – Dio 3


Christiano će s vremenom saznati da je iskrenost, integritet, poštovanje i transparentnost tijekom razdoblja promjene kritično zajedno s jednostavnim principom «Učinite drugima ono što biste željeli da drugi učini vama.»

In my opinion, many organizations underestimate the need for honesty, integrity, respect and transparency during periods of change. It is important for organizations to communicate openly and frankly with their employees regarding the desired outcome of the change.

In cases where it is positive such as to boost efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability, organizations should say it loud and clear.

In cases where it is negative such that cost cutting measures are required which will result in chopping heads, this should be communicated on a timely basis to affected employees with a gallant effort to manage expectations. That is, everyone desires to be treated with integrity and respect such that organizations should do the dirty deed of chopping based on the principal of “Do onto others as you would like to be done unto you”.

In simple English, “Organizations should give adequate warning time to those employees impacted along with adequate severance compensation”. Many organizations fail to realize that penny pinching on severance packages adversely affects the reputation of an organization on a long-term basis.


Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Penny Pinchers?”