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Upravljanje Promjenama Osnovne Bazične Glavne Važne Stvare “Gangnam THE ROCK Stil” – Dio 28



Christiano će tijekom vremena naučiti da tijekom razdoblja promjene organizacije trebaju promicati transparentnost da rasprava i konstruktivna kritika predstavljaju normalne predgovore od promjene da bi se izbjegle osobe koje doživljavaju osjećaj osobnog napada i koji zahtijevaju vanjske napore da bi se mogli boriti u okruglom tuču sa spiralnom efektu.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to insure that Teams are assembled with the right skill sets and characteristics which I refer to as the right “Brew”.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that we live in a complicated multicultural society that has become ever more intertwined and intermingled with the globalization of the world and modern contemporary society.

Therefore, when assembling Teams, an organization has to think like a Chemist whereby the right mix of people and skill sets will tend to produce an appetizing “Brew” while too many of the same people with the same skill sets will tend to produce a poisonous “Brew”.

That is, if everybody in the Team thinks the same way, the Team will tend to be poisoned with narrow, tunnel vision to the point that the walls may be caving in but everybody will tend to focus on the floor that is holding still.

I like to refer to this phenomenon as the “Sheep Syndrome” whereby everybody feels good by agreeing with each other, such that there is no conflict, since everybody is blind as a bat but happy like a cat, because there are no perceived rats.

Contrarily, when there is the right mix of views, there is professional conflict, which is a good thing if managed properly, because it is by strong debates that the best idea wins as opposed to the status quo, which limits an organization’s ability to grow.

I define “Managed Conflict” as intentionally mixing together a variety of people covering the spectrum of personalities and gender who will tend to debate because by their nature they do not share the same traits.

That being said, organizations need to train their employees on the art of “Managed Conflict” which is a debate between civilized people to generate what is best for the organization and not to generate what is best for one’s personal nest.

The risk from this “Managed Conflict” approach occurs when individuals take constructive criticism as a personal attack and link it to some sort of attack against one’s gender, race, religion, culture or other personal attribute.

Generally, individuals who are either introvert; have a low self-esteem; and/ or have a low self confidence level pose the highest risk of personalizing constructive business conflict as opposed to recognizing, like U.S. President Donald Trump would say, that “It’s just business”.

Therefore, in order to insure that “Managed Conflict” does not produce a poisonous “Brew”, there must be transparency in the sense that everybody understands that debate and constructive criticism is a normal preface for change such that no one should feel like they are under attack; and/ or feel the need to obtain external protection or enforcements as a means of self-defence and/ or a means to be able to fight back.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that transparency that debate and constructive criticism is a normal preface for change should avoid the feeling of a personal attack requiring external enforcements in order to be able to fight back in a round and round spiral effect bout.



Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Round & Round?”