Project Description

Gestion des Changements Notions de Base “Gangnam THE ROCK Style” – Partie 7


Christiano apprendra avec le temps que «partager c’est être attentionné» pendant les périodes de changement, par lequel «aucune idée n’est une idée stupide» mais plutôt une idée artistique plutôt que scientifique par nature qui justifie ainsi le respect.

In my opinion, many organizations fail to address the notion of “sharing is caring” during periods of change whereby “no idea is a stupid idea” but rather an idea is artistic as opposed to scientific by nature.

Therefore, an organization needs to establish a formalized log of all ideas at every level of the organization that is reviewed and approved or declined accordingly within the existing organizational hierarchies. Furthermore, the approver must communicate with the idea creator accordingly why his or her idea was declined.

In addition, there must be one individual within every organization who functions like an “Ayatollah Change Leader” whereby any employee can go directly to this individual for any decision by their immediate superiors which they honestly and truthfully disagree with.

However, no “Academy Award Acting” should be tolerated but rather the idea creator must genuinely feel that they may have been stone walled by their immediate superior.

In simple English, the “Ayatollah Change Leader” is important to insure that there are no dinosaurs within the organization that may be inadvertently stone walling good ideas because of any pre-historic or Neanderthal rituals.


Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Sharing Is Caring?”