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Gestión Del Cambio Efectivo Fundamentos Básicos Esencial “Gangnam THE ROCK Estilo” – Parte 66



Christiano aprenderá con el tiempo que durante los períodos de cambio, las organizaciones deben promover la creencia que las Hipérboles esta las mejor ilustración que el síndrome de “Selectivo Racista Bárbaro (SRB)” tiende a manifestarse en chivo expiatorio en lugar de su propio barco perturbado debido a la vergüenza de estar psicológicamente enfermo cuando en realidad solo la vergüenza de no estas capaz de reconocer su propios males para poder tragarse su píldoras de rehabilitación aplicables.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to identify individuals contaminated with “Selective Racist Barbarian (SRB) Syndrome” as a by product of significant change.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that during periods of change, the greatest risk to successful change is posed by contamination of the mass with “Selective Racist Barbarian (SRB) Syndrome” as opposed to a “Neutral Direct Honest (NDH) Syndrome”.

In this New World Order (NWO) where there are persistent changes, be it through mergers and acquisitions or restructurings and reorganizations, the only constant which is assured over time is that of change.

In order to be able to compete in this New World Order (NWO), there is one of two generic techniques. The first technique which I refer to as “Selective Racist Barbarian (SRB) Syndrome” is predicated on the notion that when one feels threatened, in either fact or appearance, of losing their job, their home, their family, their wealth or any other “Raison D’Être”, one’s innate savage survival instincts tend to kick in, whereby one needs to find someone else on whom to lay the blame for admitting that one is experiencing psychological duress that tends to result in feelings of shame and stress.

For example, if one innately, subconsciously and inconspicuously distrusts anyone who is of a certain race, religion or culture due to predisposed biases during their upbringing, this individual or group tends to serve as a perfect scapegoat on whom to lay blame as opposed to accepting the fact that one has psychological issues to fix as opposed to beating one’s scapegoat with a Kendo, Gatka, Tamil, Kerala or any other sticks.

As a second example, one may innately, subconsciously and inconspicuously manipulate the facts and circumstances of a simple statement made by one’s scapegoat in order to take out the perceived threat, while contemporaneously climbing the ladder of survival, by stepping on their head while pretending that everything is a random accident because one is mentally brain dead.

As a third example, one may innately, subconsciously and inconspicuously misinterpret what has been said by one’s scapegoat as one is looking for an adversary to fight because one cannot acknowledge that the fight is psychological because psychological issues make everybody feel uptight.

As is evident from my Hyperboles above, this type of approach is destructive, counterproductive and chaotic by its nature. For the record, Hyperbole is defined as the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. Hyperboles may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create strong impressions but they are not meant to be taken literally.

Now I would like to focus on the second technique that I refer to as “Neutral Direct Honest (NDH) Syndrome” whereby one is operating in honesty mode, such that if one behaves in an irrational, illogical, ignorant, emotional or other incoherent psychological manner, one acknowledges that they have a problem and thus seeks professional help.

The key point to note is that there is no shame in being psychologically ill but rather the only shame is not being able to acknowledge one’s ills in order to be able to swallow one’s rehabilitation pills.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that Hyperboles best illustrate that “Selective Racist Barbarian (SRB) Syndrome” tends to manifest on scapegoat as opposed to one’s own disturbed boat due to perceived shame of being psychologically ill when in actuality only shame is not being able to acknowledge one’s ills in order to be able to swallow one’s applicable rehabilitation pills.



Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Selective Racist Barbarian (SRB)?”