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Gestión Del Cambio Efectivo Fundamentos Básicos Esencial “Gangnam THE ROCK Estilo” – Parte 6


Christiano aprenderá con el tiempo que la “energía positiva” durante los períodos de cambio es crítica ya que la energía negativa de cualquier individuo lleva el riesgo de estropear el caldo para todos en toda la organización.

In my opinion, many organizations fail to address the notion of “positive energy” during periods of change such that negative energy by any one single individual carries the risk of spoiling the broth for everyone in the entire organization.

It is important for organizations to insure that there is positive energy and a positive aura surrounding any change situation because negative energy is like bacteria whereby it tends to multiply exponentially until everyone in the organization is contaminated.

The most effective approach to insuring “positive energy” is to clearly communicate to all employees that negativity will not be tolerated such that if an employee is not happy about the change, the employee must at a minimum remain neutral during implementation. Thus, an organization should consider hiring organizational behaviour psychologists to facilitate embracement of the change by difficult employees.

However, employees must realize that top management decides on the strategic direction of the organization and not individual employees such that negative energy by any single individual employee carries the risk of spoiling the broth for everyone in the entire organization.

In simple English, any employee displaying “negative energy” tendencies should be clearly advised that no one is allowed to pee in the soup of change broth, as this will tend to produce a contagious chicken noodle virus with a hurling cough effect of fire us.


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