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Gestión Del Cambio Efectivo Fundamentos Básicos Esencial “Gangnam THE ROCK Estilo” – Parte 25



Christiano aprenderá con el tiempo que durante los períodos de cambio, las organizaciones deben recompensar el pensamiento “fuera de la caja” en lugar de tratarlo como una ofensa criminal sin derecho a la defensa mientras promueven el “ojo virgen” por ser sordo, mudo y ciego.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to be apprised that many employees will tend to experience the “Virgin Eye” syndrome.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that employees who have grown accustomed to an internal culture that I refer to as a “Systematic Method of Operation” are exposed to a high risk of the “Virgin Eye” syndrome.

The “Virgin Eye” syndrome is also a by product of systematic day-to-day routine over prolonged periods of time whereby everyone in an organization tends to see things the same way to the point that they can no longer see “outside of the box”.

That is, the “Virgin Eye” tends to only see one alternative that is the status quo such that by deduction any change from the status quo is outside of the employees’ comfort zones.

Furthermore, over time employees tend to fall more and more in love with their status quo such that taking the status quo away from them is like taking away their first born.

Thus, the “Virgin Eye” will tend to fight until the end in order to preserve the status quo as opposed to considering an alternative course of action that can be seen as blasphemy.

Therefore, if an organization desires to be successful in implementing change, an organization requires independent “out-of-the-box” thinkers to counterbalance the narrow tunnel view of the “Virgin Eye” which cannot see beyond its micro silo vision.

That is, the “Virgin Eye” is like a bird stuck in a tree upside down by its rear end as opposed to a bird flying above the trees whereby everything can be seen with clarity, objectivity and pristine.

In addition, organizations need to adjust their internal human resource policies accordingly in order to reward “out of the box” thinking as opposed to treating it like a criminal offence with no right to defence.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that organizations need to reward “out of the box” thinking as opposed to treating it like a criminal offence with no right to defence.



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