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Change Management Fundamental Basics “Gangnam THE ROCK Style” – Part 51



Christiano will learn over time that during periods of change, organizations should promote the belief that Hyperboles best illustrate what not to do if one wants to avoid a no holds barred UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) street fight brew.

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to identify individuals contaminated with “No Holds Barred, To The Top, Do Or Die” as a by product of significant change.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that during periods of change, the greatest risk to successful change is posed by contamination of the mass with “No Holds Barred, To the Top, Do or Die” ahead of “Constructive Competition, Best Man, Woman or Transvestite Stands”.

In this New World Order where there are persistent changes, be it through mergers and acquisitions or restructurings and reorganizations, the only constant which is assured over time is that of change.

In order to be able to compete in this New World Order, there is one of two generic techniques.

The first technique which I refer to as “No Holds Barred, To The Top, Do Or Die” is predicated on psychological warfare, sabotage, frame jobs and other ruthless techniques whereby an individual will do whatever it takes to remain standing after the significant change like a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Street Fighter.

The greatest risk posed by such a technique is that it infests an entire organization whereby everybody gets into UFC Street Fighter mode under an eye for an eye motto to the point that everybody gets a bloody nose.

Ironically, UFC Street Fighter mode, as barbaric as it may seem, has its roots in the human psyche as when one feels threatened by significant change, one’s natural instinct reaction becomes primitive at best with claws like wolves and jaws like sharks ready to strike the competition off its feet and if necessary inflict all submission holds required to have one’s competition beat.

As is evident from my Hyperbole above, this type of approach is destructive, counterproductive and chaotic by its nature.

For the record, Hyperbole is defined as the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.

Now I would like to focus on the second technique that I refer to as “Constructive Competition, Best Man, Woman or Transvestite Stands” which is predicated on focusing on one’s abilities and skills as opposed to sabotage to have one’s competition politically killed.

In terms of skills and abilities, everyone brings their talents to the Ball Park whereby, by human nature, their will be a mix of talents with some suited as Pitchers while others suited as Catchers supplanted with some Superstars and other Bench Warmers.

The key point to note is that just like a Baseball Team must make choices as to their Final line-up, so too does an organization need to make choices.

However, generally Baseball players do not throw Baseballs at each others heads or intentionally through away a certain out over the First Baseman’s Head in order to make their fellow Team Player look bad and themselves look good in order to make the final line-up.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that Hyperboles best illustrate what not to do if one wants to avoid a no holds barred UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) street fight brew.



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