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Gestion des Changements Notions de Base “Gangnam THE ROCK Style” – Partie 36



Christiano apprendra avec le temps que pendant les périodes de changement, les organisations devraient promouvoir la conviction que, à moins que le «Chef De Changement» ait du laiton pour protéger son propre cul, les «Adorateurs De Statu Quo» aura tendance de se mettre à plusieurs en masse pour donner un coup de pied au «Chef De Changement».

In my opinion, organizations need to embrace the notion that during periods of change it is critical to insure that policies and procedures are in place to remedy early symptoms of “Black Sheep Syndrome” generally resulting from a strong, vibrant and talented leader being labelled a traitor.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that during periods of change everyone tends to feel a certain degree of hatred against the proposed change because it goes against one’s status quo such that for men it can feel like a low blow while for women it can feel like a belly flop resulting in a severe blood pressure drop.

Generally, the critical success factor for change management is a strong, vibrant and talented “Change Leader”, who can withstand the peer pressure to conform to the status quo, while at the same time guiding the organization through the change, like the captain of a ship through a forecasted storm, whereby everybody will be forced to deviate from the norm.

However, the stronger, the more vibrant and the more talented the “Change Leader”, the higher the probability that the “Status Quo Worshippers” will label the “Change Leader” as a traitor and as a result throw spikes in his or her wheels to make the “Black Sheep Traitor” kneel.

Therefore, it is critical that the “Change Leader” has the appropriate support from the top if an organization wants to protect the “Change Leader” from the potential wrath of “Status Quo Worshippers” attacks to preserve the sacred status quo which is all that they love and have come to know.

Ironically, the contrary tends to apply in practice whereby the “Change Leader” is thrown out on his or her ass like a “Black Sheep” as the mass of “Status Quo Worshippers” tend to combine in numbers in order to make the “Change Leader” plunder.

Furthermore, it is Human Resource’s tendency to promote “Status Quo Worshippers” to the top as they pose no risk of friction or conflict, since they do not propose any major change, but rather promote congeniality by supporting the status quo, which an entire organization has come to love and is all that they have come to know.

Therefore, it is an organization’s choice whether or not they wish to promote efficient, effective and value added change within that cannot be obtained without a “Black Sheep” strong, vibrant and talented leader, who is often labelled as a rebel as opposed to genius, as the status quo mass tends to gang up together to kick some “Change Leader” ass.

Thus, there can be no effective, efficient and value-added change unless there is a “Change Leader” backed in form and in substance from the top as the “Status Quo Worshippers” will tend to gang-up on one in mass unless the “Change Leader” has some brass to protect his or her own ass.

Lastly, if an organization loves their current formula and does not desire any change, a superficial exercise will only tend to result in a sheep façade as their can be no real change gain unless an organization is willing to insure a little change management pain.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that unless the “Change Leader” has some brass to protect his or her own ass, “Status Quo Worshippers” will tend to gang-up on one in mass.



Christiano Says, “WHO Is Gangnam THE ROCK Style – Black Sheep Syndrome?”