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Change Management Fundamental Basics “Gangnam THE ROCK Style” – Part 16



Christiano will learn over time that it is always best to insure that “effective communication” is properly channeled and managed during periods of change to avoid opposing views commencing to point fingers at each other laying blame turning otherwise model, law-abiding citizens insane.

In my opinion, many organizations underestimate the need for “effective communication” to be properly channeled and managed during periods of change.

It is important for organizations to acknowledge that when opposing views commence pointing fingers at each other and laying blame, this is a sign of a breakdown in communication that can turn model, law-abiding citizens insane.

Thus, communications between opposing views need to be channeled away from superficiality to avoid a blind politician speaking to a deaf opposition, “I see said the blind politician to his deaf opposition”.

In addition, Human Resources needs to promote the notion that the majority of the time any satisfaction each Party receives by convincing themselves that they are right far outweighs the effort it takes and the negative feelings and conflict it creates.

Furthermore, Human Resources need to have programs in place during periods of change to teach their employees how to emotionally detach from a current debate and focus on the business at hand logically, rationally and realistically.

In simple English, opposing views need to utilize a “WIN/ WIN” strategy as opposed to a “WIN/ LOSE” strategy as confrontation should not be handled as some sort of high stakes “Poker” game.

Generally, when one Party can rise to the occasion, and become a little more humble, barriers to effective communication, including defenses and resentment, can be overcome and a whole new negotiated perspective of compromise can begin to unfold.

In summary, I refer to “Change Management Gangnam THE ROCK Style” as the belief that effective communication is a two-way street and not a competition where one’s opposition must be beat.



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