We Believe In Value-For-Money Pricing

Prices between different Clients only varies for differences in the size of the underlying automated digital Web-based social media marketing systems or other differences unique to the Client’s circumstances which is in line with THE ROCK’S Web Market belief that it has a vested interest in the success of its Clients like a parent has a vested interest in the upbringing of their children.

Therefore, it is the size of the Company’s ambitions to become a “mean, lean, efficient and effective social media marketing machine” which drives the cost of this revolutionary system.

THE ROCK’S Web Market pricing mechanism is equal for all Clients. However, THE ROCK’S Web Market has priced its products at value-for-money Prices to motivate organizations to come on board the new digital revolution in Web-based social media marketing.

THE ROCK’S Web Market allows for automatic payment upon formal subscription and purchase of uploaded advertisements selected by the Client at the time of check-out whereby THE ROCK’S Web Market requires a non-refundable payment upfront for advertisements purchased. In addition, THE ROCK’S Web Market allows Clients who wish to subscribe to their selected services on an annual basis to benefit from discounted prices.