ICCA OR Ivan Cindric, CPA auditor, CA, CPA (Illinois)



E-Mail: ivan.cindric@sympatico.ca
Cell: 514-585-6553
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/ivan-cindric-cpa-ca-cpa-illinois-b6a1a56



♦ Creative  Educationally Brilliant  Street Smart  Versatile  Perseverant  Leader 

Social media magician and trendsetter who developed this leading edge social media framework for web-based marketing, “THE ROCK’s Web Market (www.therockswebmarket.com)”.
Experience in Management; Public Accounting; Finance; Treasury; Budgeting and Information Technology.
Dynamic, positive, flexible, versatile and hard-working business, finance and accounting leader with CPA, CA and 20+ years of experience improving decision support and compliance, boosting efficiency, effectiveness and productivity that increased profitability for multinational businesses.
VIP of the Year on Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive Registry which is an honour limited to individuals who have shown commitment to achieving personal and professional success and demonstrated leadership in their industry and occupation.



♦ Specialties 

Consulting services on special projects such as financial transformations, reorganizations, system integrations or any IFRS, US GAAP, CDN GAAP, SOX (Bill 198), internal controls and compliance mandates including temporary replacement of management level positions.