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THE ROCK’S Web Market is a unique centralized Web-based social media sharing portal that generates traffic to the benefit of the organizations that subscribe to and purchase THE ROCK’S Web Market services.

To enable this to happen, IVAN (A.K.A. “THE ROCK”), the social media magician and trendsetter, developed a leading edge social media framework for web-based marketing to attract attention to THE ROCK’S Web Market.


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THE ROCK`S Web Market mission is to be recognized as the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be in the automated digital Web-based social media marketing industry.


THE ROCK’S Web Market is an agent of sustainable change that will convert organizations into mean, lean, efficient and effective social media marketing machines.


THE ROCK’S Web Market is an innovator and pioneer in the automated digital Web-based social media industry with the goal of providing complementary products and services in the near future.




World Peace – 434

TURKEY death toll due to COVID-19 outbreak increased to over 29,800, with total over 2,950,700 cases, as over 122.4 million people fallen ill globally, & more than 2,701,400 people dead, while in LIBYA’s new interim government, General Khalifa Haftar & Muslim Brotherhood poorly represented, while prime minister Abdulhamid al-Dabaiba managed to strengthen his position, as LIBYA is finally regaining an appearance of unity in composition of its new government, while SAUDI ARABIA said drones struck an oil facility in capital of RIYADH, igniting a fire at installation, while HOUTHIS stated that carried out an operation with six drones which targeted SAUDI ARAMCO in capital of SAUDI ARABIA enemy, RIYADH, without describing targets, but stating that operations will continue & escalate as long as SAUDI ARABIA aggression against YEMEN continues, warning foreign companies & citizens to avoid military sites & key infrastructure, while all IRANIAN neighbours nervous after COVID-19 killed over 62,000 people in IRAN, with over 1,787,000 confirmed cases, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says CANADA will continue to hold IRAN to account after its military shot down a passenger jet in January 2020.


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THE ROCK’S Web Market is a leading edge social media framework for web-based marketing in line with the digital revolution of the 21’st century.