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THE ROCK’S Web Market is a unique centralized Web-based social media sharing portal that generates traffic to the benefit of the organizations that subscribe to and purchase THE ROCK’S Web Market services.

To enable this to happen, IVAN (A.K.A. “THE ROCK”), the social media magician and trendsetter, developed a leading edge social media framework for web-based marketing to attract attention to THE ROCK’S Web Market.


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THE ROCK`S Web Market mission is to be recognized as the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be in the automated digital Web-based social media marketing industry.


THE ROCK’S Web Market is an agent of sustainable change that will convert organizations into mean, lean, efficient and effective social media marketing machines.


THE ROCK’S Web Market is an innovator and pioneer in the automated digital Web-based social media industry with the goal of providing complementary products and services in the near future.




World Peace – 435

TURKEY death toll due to COVID-19 outbreak increased to over 55,000, with total over 6,253,800 cases, as over 214.3 million people fallen ill globally, & more than 4,469,800 people dead, while TALIBAN have asked all countries, primarily TURKEY, to help AFGHAN people & AFGHANISTAN, as AFGHAN people have been at war for 40 years & thus need help, while U.S. led NATO troops ready to completely withdraw from war-torn country, whereas over 34.46 million doses of coronavirus vaccine administered in SAUDI ARABIA to date, albeit call on public to register to receive vaccine, & adhere to measures & abide by instructions, albeit some 40 people arrested for violating preventive measures that stipulate no more than 20 people can gather at one point, while all IRANIAN neighbours nervous after COVID-19 killed over 104,100 people in IRAN, with over 4,796,400 confirmed cases, as IRAN restarted fuel exports to AFGHANISTAN that had been disrupted by fighting between TALIBAN & forces under now deposed AFGHAN government, with TALIBAN now providing critical dollars to sanctions-crushed IRANIAN economy from its lucrative narcotics operations.


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THE ROCK’S Web Market is a leading edge social media framework for web-based marketing in line with the digital revolution of the 21’st century.